Summer Styles to Invest In

When it comes to deciding what styles to adopt, whether you want to update fresh staples for your officewear or integrate interesting pieces for the weekend, there are certain ways you can take your wardrobe to adopt strategic trends.  You can buy feminine jewelry or lingerie accessories to help widen your wardrobe to accept and adopt the styles of summer.  Enjoy this the following summer style trends are predicted to have more lasting power and make them worth the investment. Update your wardrobe by shopping the trends below. 

Heel Accessories

Summer Style • Whimsy

Dreamy designed.  Delicate details.  These are all beautiful facets of creating a feminine look.  Whether it is a whimsical bow belt or fancy heel accessories, there are certain accessories that you can adopt to create a look that is whimsy.  Not only is this summer trend super versatile it is a classic.  There is always something magical about the movement of fashion.  Whether it's dangling bow earrings or an exaggerated bow belt, there is something that catches the eye and never goes out of style.  Something like the Doll Heeltyes or the Bougie Beltye would make for a beautiful whimsy look that is worth the investment. 

Summer Style • Suited 

 It seems that every season there is a fresh take on traditional menswear - taking it from masculine and crossing it over to the feminine.  This transformation could take place in the blazer, the pencil skirt or even the accessories that make it so powerful.  Like the Executive necktie necklace.  This silhouette necklace resembles a tie but takes it to a luxurious and feminine place that you can enjoy over coffee or at a meeting.  

 Summer Style • Bold Silhouettes 

 This style is reserved for those who desire to be bold in their statements, that want to have fun but tasteful additions to their weekend or boudoir wardrobe.  Celebrating your curves is just the start of deciding that silhouette you want to play up the most.  Starting with the Invitation Beltye is a beautiful start as it easily adapts and blends into a variety of different looks and textures.