Sunday Surprises ✨ Feminine Nipple Clamps

It's important to take time for yourself at some point during the week.  No matter if it's a Monday morning ritual or a Saturday night bath, having some time to yourself helps keep you centered, grounded and clear-minded.  With that said, you can also take this time to explore yourself deeper through mediation, wardrobe assessment or sensually with the Niptyes Collection.  This collection of feminine nipple clamps features an assortment of different styles that are all non-committal.  So you can enjoy them for the moment and take them off when you are done.  Inspired by the idea of exploring yourself sensually to celebrate your feminine style, this collection is designed for the discerning female in mind that likes to enjoy surprises.  Here are 3 feminine nipple clamps you should consider for your next time out:

Secrets Nipple Clamps

Marie Antoinette Pearl Nipple Clamps

Introduce luxury and class into your wardrobe with these handcrafted pearl nipple clamps designed to light up your world with sensuality and femininity.  These velvet tyes feature a creamy glass pearl that dangles flirtatiously with your every move.  Enjoy wearing these for your next striptease, intimate encounter or just simply lounging around your boudoir.

Do Me Proper Nipple Clamps

When you are in the mood for something bold, intimate and unique, discover the Do Me Proper feminine nipple clamps.  This hybrid of a necklace and nipple clamps, you can easily wear these under your a loose shirt, a blazer or your favorite lingerie set.  Ignite your imagination with this flirty and feminine nipple clamps.

Vice Feminine Nipple Clamps

Discover your vice with these flirty and feminine nipple clamps designed to light up your intimate style.  These handcrafted nipple clamps feature soft satin tyes and lead-free chain that drape across the torso.  Wear these feminine nipple clamps with your favorite sheer blouse, lingerie set or nothing at all.

with love, tara