Sweet Emotions & Sensual Jewelry

Have you ever experienced emotions through style?  Like when you are feeling yourself you have a sexy cocktail dress on.  Or if you are totally feeling buh you have baggy sweats on.  As the old adage goes, dress for the role that you want, not the role that you have.  Dressing up to be the woman you want to be is an important part of your emotional health as well as your wardrobe range.  When you look good, you feel good and that is just a well-known fact.  Enjoying your beauty and rediscovering your sense of style is a beautiful want to uncover the femininity in you.  Allowing yourself a range of wardrobe options to express the best you is an important part of achieving the day you want to achieve.  So have a silent celebration all to yourself with sensual jewelry.  Sensual jewelry is a way to embrace the woman that you are with the want you want to be.  From sensual pearl nipple clamps to feminine chokers, invite sweet emotions and sensual jewelry into your life effortlessly.  Here are a few pieces of sensual jewelry you will want to consider for today, tomorrow or any day you need a little sensual sweetness in your life:

Sensual Jewelry

Sensual Jewelry | Heartbreaker Bow Belt

Invite sensuality into your style like never before with this ultra-feminine bow belt designed to go with you wherever you go.  This bow belt features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic waistband so that you can enjoy wearing something that works with your every move.  Be the heartbreaker that you are with this feminine bow belt!

Sensual Jewelry | Hickey Bow Black Choker

Make your mark like never before with this ultra-feminine bow choker designed to light up your most intimate moments with flirtation, power and seduction.  The Hickey bow black choker features a handcrafted satin tye and soft satin choker band that is so versatile you can go anywhere with it!  Now go make your mark!

Sensual Jewelry | Femme Fatale Bow Bracelet 

Light up your style with this uniquely femme and slightly gothic bow bracelet cugg!  Inspired by the femme fatale in you, this ultra-feminine bow bracelet is perfect to take with you wherever this world takes you!  Enjoy sensual jewelry like never before with this sensual bow bracelet!

love, tara