Deciding how to style your hair every day can be creativity liberating or mentally exhausting. Looking at hair magazines and blogs are a great way to get some inspiration and useful ideas on how to style your hair.  But sometimes using hair accessories is a great way to make hairstyling easy and stylish.  The Hairtye hair bows collection is designed specifically to create beautiful hairstyles that you can wear anytime your heart desires.  Perfect for the office, a day at the park or even your friends wedding, using hair bows in your hair instantly transforms your look and style to be elegant and feminine.  Here are a few ideas to make your hairstyling sweeter:


Flirt with your femininity in this dramatic and versatile hair bow comb from the Drama Queen Collection!  Long and wispy, this beautiful hair bow comb can be worn on top of a bun, with your hair down or in a messy ponytail to add a touch of femininity.  When you are looking for something sweet to add to your look, make your hairstyle say it all in this must have hair bow comb!


Lace your look with sweet femininity in this undeniably beautiful hair bow from the Lacing Love Collection!  Featuring sweetly trimmed lace and a satin ribbon center, the Lacing Love hair bow comb is a versatile accessory that you can wear with you to work, out and about or in your boudoir for an extra touch of sweet femininity.  Wear this beautiful hair bow with whatever your heart desires.


Enchant your look with a sweetly feminine touch in this undeniably sweet hair bow from the Enchantress Collection!  Wear this beautiful hair bow with your favorite lingerie set with your hair half up, in a ponytail or in an updo.  The styling options are all yours this versatile and beautifully handcrafted satin tye with a salon-style hair comb. Insert this hair bow comb into whatever hair style you desire.