Sweet Nothings • Black Bow Earrings

Sometimes you just need to find a few accessories that you can wear day in and day out.  Whether you are a busy mama or a workaholic, streamlining your accessorizing process is something that you should do to save time and to make better decisions.  The Eartyes Collection of feminine black bow earrings are designed to give you accessorizing options that you can wear with a variety of different looks and styles, from day to evening. Innately versatile and undeniably beautiful, these flirty and simple black bow earrings are designed to go with you wherever you want to go.  From a girls' night out to brunching with the #squad, enjoy feminine style wherever you go with this collection of beautifully feminine bow earrings.  Here are three black bow earrings you should consider adding to your jewelry box to help you make accessorizing decisions:

Black Bow Earrings

Femme Fatale Black Bow Earrings

Delight your style with simplicity and beauty in these simple and sleek black bow earrings designed to go with you wherever you want to go.  These handcrafted black bow earrings feature a soft satin tye and lead-free ear posts that you can easily blend in with any look you want. 

Coax Black Bow Hoops

Sometimes a little femininity goes a long way, especially with these simple and sweet black hoop bow earrings.  Handcrafted with soft satin tyes, these lead- and nickel-free earring hoops are so comfy to wear you might not want to take them off.  Enjoy feminine style with beauty and ease in these black bow hoops!

Marie Antoinette Pearl Bow Earrings

When you are looking for something more classic and elegant, look no further than the Marie Antoinette pearl bow earrings.  These handcrafted velvet tyes feature a creamy glass pearl teardrop that dangles with delight.  Flirt with your femininity in these iconic and versatile pearl bow earrings.

 love, tara