Sweet Revenge 🖤 3 Feminine Intimates That Your Ex Misses

The heartbreak. The tears. The envy and the mistrust.  These are just a few feels that go into the emotions during and after a breakup.  Even though breaking up isn't easy, there is a way to get sweet revenge.  Not in an "i'm going to get you" kinda way but more like a "don't chase them, replace them," kinda way. This confidence to walk away when something is broken is what you need to take with you into your wardrobe.  Your wardrobe needs to support your mood, your body and your tastes.  We all know that when you look good, you feel good, so enjoy these flirty and feminine intimates that will drive him or her wild after they leave.  When you have the wardrobe that supports you, you can really do anything.  Here are 3 feminine intimates that will make your sweet revenge even sweeter:

Chantilly Lace Leg Garters

Chantilly Lace Leg Garters 

Everybody needs a pair of lace leg garters.  No, they are not just for weddings anymore, they are for your boudoir, your accessorizing experience or your enjoyment.  These sensual accessorises highlight your thighs will elegance, beauty and femininity.  Enjoy a little lace that will make them lust after you!  Pair these lace leg garters with your favorite lingerie set or not a thing at all:)

Centerfold Pearl Nipple Covers

Create a sensual look that you can create again and again with these luxuriously feminine nipple covers designed to highlight your sensuality.  Wear these pearl nipple covers under a sheer shirt, all by themselves or give them as a gift to your bestie.  Whenever you decide to do, enjoy the freedom and the femininity that these pearl nipple covers create.

Honey Nipple Clamps

Petite but powerful, these flirty feminine accessories are a beautiful way to enjoy your sensuality and femininity.  These flirty nipple clamps feature a handcrafted satin tye and non-piercing nipple clamps that secures onto the nipple, so they are non-commital, wear them as you please:) . Revenge has never been so sweet.


love, tara