Sweet Silhouttes with Bratyes

A glimpse.  A glance.  An impression.  The magic of the underneath captures the imagination.  The power of dressing to undress has a sensual beauty that you can capture with the Bratye Collection of handmade cage bras.  This collection is designed to leverage the power of the underneath.  The things you don't see, or see just enough of to spark the imagination and light up your look.  These contouring pieces celebrate your curves and allow you to discover the sweetest accessorizing experience eva.  So whether you are going out on that first date or celebrating your anniversary with the one you love, the Bratye Collection of sensual cage bra accessories is a beautiful way to celebrate your femininity.  Read on to discover 3 bratyes you should consider when you want to capture the magic of sexy:

Cage Bra

Bougie Bratye • A Lacy Cage Bra

When you are feeling a little fancy, you should consider accessorizing with a Bratye.  A bratye is a cage bra that outlines the frame of your chest and contours your curves.  This handcrafted cage bra from the Bougie Collection is designed to be worn over a dress, under a blazer (ohlala!) or with nothing but just your bare skin.  Desire and be desired with this evocative lacy nothing.

 Bombshell Bratye • A Glamorous Cage Bra

Flirt with your curves in this cage bra designed to highlight your curves with glamour, flirtation and style.  The Bombshell Bratye features a bold satin tye at the center of the bra to create a flirtatious look that you can do so much with:) Wear it over a business shirt, under a blazer, with a dress or perhaps your favorite lingerie set.  This soft elastic cage bra is beautifully versatile and sweeten your silhoutte instantly.

Tease Bratye • A Pearl Chain Bra

Frame your look with seduction and luxury in this flirty and feminine cage bra designed to light up your look.  Inspired by the spotlight, this luxurious bra chain can be worn with your favorite little black dress, lacy nothing or perhaps just your skin.  Tease and tease again with this luxurious pearl bra cage that makes dressing for the undressing.


love, tara