Sweeten Your Surroundings: Discover the Printye Collection

Everything has a vibration.  Whether it's a color tone or a music note, there are varying frequencies that affect everyone, every day.  That is why you need to be selective and intentional with what you surround yourself with.  The Printye print collection is designed to make any area of your home, office or boudoir a little sweeter.  Employing positive and flirty sayings, Printyes are intended to shine a positive light into each moment of your day.

Here is a brief overview of each Printye art print. 


Seize the day.  Make each day count.  And the Carpe Diem printye is designed to remind you how important it is to cherish each moment. Whether you decide to pop this on your dressing table or on your desk. this pretty and feminine printye art print purpose is to remind you to seize the day, every day.


You are beautiful.  Everyone is really.  It's about finding the beauty in others and ourselves.  The Hello Beautiful printye is a delightfully positive print that you can place on your nightstand or somewhere you need a little reminder to find the beauty around you. This makes a wonderful gift for someone you love or as a sweet reat for yourself. 


Interject a positive boost into your surroundings with this reminder of how sexy you are.  And if you don't know, now you know.  Inspired by the frisky and fun emotion we feel on a Friday night, this printye encapsulates the freedom we must grant ourselves to be liberated and to feel how sexy we really are.