Tantalize in Bow Tie Handcuffs

Discovering your limits. Isn't it refreshing. Defining where you are comfortable and what makes you uncomfortable is not just a suitable practice in the workplace but also the bedroom. Explore new things always ushers in that little bit of fear that we all have. Will it hurt? Will I be able to escape? What if I want to stop? These are very real and very understandable questions that you should initiate with your partner before exploring anything new. And that is why the Tyecuffs Collection of feminine soft bondage is a beautiful way to introduce and explore the beauty of soft bondage. Read on to discover three bow tie cuffs that you should consider when you're in the mood for a little tantalizing.

Daisy Tyecuffs Handcuffs

First and foremast. SO pretty! How could you get scared with these chiffon daisy flower handcuffs designed to light up your most intimate situations with beauty and elegance. Soft satin cuffs slide around the wrists or ankles for an experience you will want to have again and again. No need to fear much here. Allow the soft satin cuffs to adjust to your own wrist or ankle size so you can enjoy the moment without the fear.

Fringe with Benefits Tyecuffs Handcuffs

Fringe. It's innately sexy. Accentuating each movement with sensuality and playfulness. The Fringe with Benefits bow tie cuffs are a beautiful blend of flirtation and playfulness. A beautiful fringe strand accentuates the wrists or ankles for a playful experience that you can enjoy anytime. Perfect as a gift for that special lover or a sweet surprise to keep in your boudoir arsenal, these fringe cuffs are a beautiful and playful way to explore soft bondage.

FiFi Faux Fur Handcuffs

Unleash your desire to explore something new without the fear with the FiFi Faux Fur Handcuffs designed for the beginner but perfect for something playful and fun to try. The FiFi Faux Fur handcuffs feature a long satin tye so you can enjoy them around your wrists or ankles. Ignite the passion in your foreplay with these must have bow tie cuffs that are a perfect gift or a sensual surprise.