The Art of Lingerie Layering

There are several questions that you might ask yourself when you are deciding what to wear.  How fancy should I go?  What accessories should I wear?  Will my new shoes go with it?  These common questions that naturally come to you help narrow down your selections to help assign the most appropriate look that you want to achieve.  But what if you did this more intentionally?  Starting with what goes underneath first?  This process might change the overall outcome of what you decide to wear and open up more possibilities to showcase your sensuality.  The Art of Lingerie Layering is a balance of deciding what you want to show versus what you want to keep a mystery.  Ahead are 3 lingerie accessories to help you start and explore the art of lingerie layering:

Lingerie Layering

 Do Me Proper Cage Bra Bratye

Give your torso a little respect with this handcrafted cage bra with tye accents.  Start your accessorizing process by beginning with a cage bra to allow a hint of sensuality shine through.  This cage bra features a soft and comfortable fit that you can enjoy as long as you like.  Wear this under a tube top or open neck dress to keep them wondering that's underneath. 

Bombshell Leg Garters

Give your look a secret celebration from underneath with this feminine leg garters that can easily show through the top of jeans, shorts or skirts.  The Bombshell Leg Garters feature a soft elastic fit that you can easily wear underneath your favorite bottoms.  Dress them up by wearing them under your favorite pencil skirt or keep it casual under your favorite shorts.  Allow these flirty lingerie accessories inspire the bombshell in you. 

Honey Beltye Chain Bow Belt

Inspired by the sweet taste of honey, this chain bow belt is a beautiful way to begin the process of lingerie layering.  Wear this sensual accessory under a dress, through the loops of your pants or over a form fitting dress. Make it even more flirty by wearing it to the back to highlight your booty.  This flirty accessory is so versatile you will want to style it again and again.

love, tara