The Basics • Discovering Feminine Jewelry You Need

The basics.  You know.  Jeans.  A white tee.  Leggings.  These are basics.  Basics are those pieces in your wardrobe that allow you to create other looks.  They are the foundation of any great outfit.  But the basics don't just have to be clothing.  They can be jewelry too.  That black choker.  A classic hair bow.  Even a simple bracelet can tye your look together into a beautiful statement that you can wear again and again.  And basics don't have to be boring.  They could also be creative. Creating a simple accessorizing strategy that incorporates these basics will help guide your decision-making when selecting what items to wear.   Here are 3 basics to help you discover a feminine style with feminine jewelry:

Feminine Jewelry

Classic Pearl Tye Necklace • Mademoiselle Pearl Choker

We can agree on the basics or disagree on them, but there is one thing for sure: everyone needs a pearl choker.  This beautiful basic is a beautiful way to light up any look with prestige, femininity and elegance.  The Mademoiselle pearl choker features oversized bauble pearls and a long satin tye that you can allow to dangle down the back or off to the side.  There is nothing better than this basic pearl choker that every woman needs in her jewelry box!

Black Bow Earring Studs • Honey Bow Eartyes

They are so simple.  So classic.  And so versatile that you can wear them wherever your heart desires.  The Honey black bow earring studs are inspired to add a little sweetness and beauty to any look.  These handcrafted satin tyes feature a lever back earwire a small, playful dangle that is perfect to wear to the office or on a first date.  Allow these basics to sweeten your look whenever your heart desires.

 Bow Cocktail Ring • XO Ringtye

Kiss any look with sweetest and femininity in this bold yet simple black bow ring from the XO Collection!  Designed to light up everything you touch, this classic bow ring features a wispy, handcrafted satin tye and adjustable ring band allows you to wear it with any look you want and on any finger!  Here's a kiss!


love, tara