The Beauty Underneath 💫 with Intimate Lingerie Accessories

Winter weather can make it hard to feel like a bombshell. The heavy layers of sweaters, jackets, gloves and earmuffs might get tiring and boring, but just because we all have to cover up to stay warm this winter doesn’t mean we can’t wear our favorite sexy clothes!  Delight your favorite winter looks with a little sizzle underneath.  Incorporating your favorite sexy pieces with your warm winter clothes will have you celebrating your curves all winter long.  Ahead are some sexy accessories that you can wear to turn up the heat this winter. 

Lingerie Cage Bras

A lingerie cage bra is a strappy lil nothing that will intrigue your look with seduction and curiosity.  These transformative accessories will have you contouring your curves and leave them wanting more. Wear this sexy nothing with an oversized sweater that goes off the shoulder or lace up knit that exposes the bra just enough to stay warm and sexy.  Discover just how sexy and confident you can be by layering on the unexpected with lingerie cage bras like the Do Me Proper Bra Cage harness.  

Sparkly Bra Straps

This often underemployed accessory can make a big impact on your winter look.  Sparkly bra straps are a wonderful accessory to mix up your normal range of bras.  Add some sparkle to the new year and your winter look by wearing them with your favorite leather jacket and sheer shirt to turn up the heat all winter long. 


This iconic accessory is a perfect way to add some sexy edge to your look this winter. Wear them under your favorite ripped jeans or with a cozy sweater dress to create a sensual statement that will make you feel that the bombshell that you are!  Don’t forget to add some thigh-high boots to complete a look that will have you sizzling all winter long.

Instead of getting bored and tired this winter with all the heavy layers, embrace your sexy and pivot your accessorizing strategy to include these sexy nothings that will have them wondering what’s bubbling underneath the surface.