Trendy Tyes 🎀 Feminine Statement Jewelry

Accessorizing. It's kinda like putting together pieces in a puzzle.  You have the pieces in your closet, now you need to do the creative thinking to put together the outfit that you want.  Sometimes it's easy.  Other times the struggle is real.  In order to consistently come up with the puzzle, or that is the outfit, that you want, is to have some feminine statement jewelry in your wardrobe.  This might seem obvious or just kinda crazy, but having feminine jewelry that compliments your wardrobe is always something to consider when you are looking for new accessories.  After all, all, accessories are typically the first thing a person might see when they look at you.  They might spark a conversation.  They might help you explore your style like never before.  So having a beautiful mix of feminine jewelry ready for your next wardrobe adventure seems like an obvious win.  So here are a few pieces of feminine jewelry to consider for your next puzzle, or that is outfit:

Feminine Jewelry Chokers

Feminine Jewelry | Hickey Bow Choker

Make your mark with these irresistibly feminine yet menswear-inspired choker designed to add a little sweetness to any look.  Perfect to wear to work or out on the town, having a simple and feminine choker can easily transform your style.  This bow choker features a handcrafted satin tye and clasp closure so that you can wear it anytime your heart desires.

Feminine Jewelry | Vanity Bow Earrings 

You're so vain.  Not really.  But that is the inspiration behind the Vanity bow earrings!  These simplistically feminine bow earrings are designed for when you need something to accent your look but do not need much.  These flirty and feminine bow earrings feature handcrafted satin tyes and lead-free leverback earwires so that you can wear them all day and all night.

Feminine Jewelry | Goddess Bow Bracelet

Give your look a little sparkle with this flirty and feminine bow bracelet designed to highlight the Goddess in you!  This bow bracelet is perfect to wear for your next evening look or first date!  Soft elastic encircles the wrists so that you can comfortable wear it as long as you desire!  Be the goddess that you are!