Tye it Together with Bow Belts

Sometimes you just need to tye it together.  Maybe it's a dress that doesn't look complete or a skirt that is just super boring.  Accessories help us tye things together and create the look that we are after.  The Beltyes Collection of feminine bow belts is inspired to create feminine looks that are versatile and stylish.  Ranging from bold to simple, from lace to satin, this edited collection is a beautiful addition to your look.  No matter if you are going to work, out with friends or flying solo, this collection of feminine accessories will help you define your style and tye it all together.  Here are 3 bow belts that you should consider adding to your accessory wardrobe:

Doll Beltye • A Feminine Bow Belt 

This handcrafted bow belt is super extra and all sorts of fun.  Designed with long, exaggerated tails, this bow belt creates a beautiful and distinctive look that you can enjoy with jeans, a dress or your favorite lingerie set.  This bow belt is also super adjustable so you can wear it to the front, off to the side or even around the back ro create a look that is fun and feminine.

Heartbreaker Beltye • A Chain Bow Belt

Be a heartbreaker.  Or just pretend to be with this feminine chain bow belt designed to light up your look with femininity and flirtation.  Inspired by the thrill of the game of love, this chain bow belt can be worn to the back or to the front to highlight your curves with femininity and style.  Enjoy the game with this edgy yet sweet feminine bow belt.

 Invitation Beltye • A Bondage-Inspired Bow Belt

You're invited to explore your sensual style with this flirty and feminine bow belt!  Inspired by the beauty and thrill of bondage, this sensual bow belt is a beautiful way to create a look that is unique and feminine.  This bow belt features two elastic straps that encircle the waist so you can ensure a customizable fit again and again.  Enjoy discovering new accessorizing opportunities with this flirty and feminine bow belt.

 love, tara