Unexpected Accessorizing with Bow Leg Garters

You have it down. The earrings, the necklaces, the belts. But how about expanding your accessorizing selection to bow leg garters.  Bow leg garters are an unexpectedly sensual accessory that can be worn to bring a bit of the boudoir out into the world.  The Legtyes Collection of bow leg garters are designed to light up your accessorizing strategy with unexpected style that you can take anywhere you want to go.   Ahead are three bow leg garters that you should consider when you are accessorizing your next #ootd.

The Heartbreaker Pink Bow Chain Legtye Leg Garters

Celebrate each move you make with these feminine yet edgy bow leg garters from the Heartbreaker Collection.  The Heartbreaker Legtyes feature a draped chain and handcrafted satin tye that you can wear to the front, side or back.  Perfect under short shirts or over leggings, let your imagination venture into the unexpected with these pink bow leg garters.

The Yours Truly Black Bow Leg Garters

Delight your look with sophistication and femininity with the black bow leg garters from the Yours Truly Collection.  These handcrafted black bow leg garters feature a bold satin tye and soft adjustable strap that you can wear as you please.  Wear them to the back for a slight cheek lift or off to the side for a flirtatious finish.

The Lady White Bow Leg Garters

Light up your look with femininity with these undeniably sweet leg garters from the Lady Collection!  These handcrafted leg garters feature soft frilly elastic and handcrafted tyes that will go with you wherever you want to go.  These are so comfy to wear you'll want to wear them everywhere.