Warm It Up With Sensual Intimates

It's snowing outside.  It's cold and kinda meh.  As we head into the depths of Fall with winter approaching, it's a good time to find those indoor activities you might have neglected all summer long.  Maybe it's time to go through your sock drawer, reorganize and optimize your living space or maybe thumb through your closet to take mental inventory notes.  Whatever you decide to do inside, it's important to light up your femininity with sensual intimates during the cold winter months.  Oversized puffy jackets with a sexy little nothing underneath?  Yes, please!  That sexy trench coat with nothing but a bra?  You get the idea. Going through that sock drawer may make you discover new things that you might not have even accessorized yet.  Enjoy the freedom to mix winter must have with sensual intimates to create a sensual look that you will want to wear over and over again.  Just to be clear, sensual intimates can range to be a lot of different lingerie accessories like nipple covers, pasties, lingerie harnesses and leg garters.  There is no stopping feminine accessorizing with these powerful and impactful categories. Here are 3 sensual intimates you won't want to miss out on this winter season:

Sensual Intimates

Sensual Intimates: Black Heart Nipple Covers

Seduce in style with these love-inspired nipple covers designed to light up any look with flirtation and femininity.  These handcrafted nipple covers feature sparkly hearts and a handcrafted satin tye to create a look that you will want to recreate again and again.  With a reusable felt-like backing, these pasties are the sensual intimates to have this winter!

Sensual Intimates: Kitty Lingerie Harness

Make your curves prrr in intimate style with these ultra-feminine nipple covers designed to highlight your femininity.  The Kitty black lingerie harness hugs your torso with style and flirtation.  Wear this sexy little nothing with your favorite lingerie set, under a sexy trench coat or nothing but your skin.

Sensual Intimates: Chantilly Black Lace Leg Garters

Flirt with your femininity in these sexy leg garters designed to lace your look with sensuality.  These handcrafted lace leg garters feature beautiful chantilly lace and soft elastic for a customizable fit.  Wear these over black leggings or under a long dress to create a look that evokes your sensual freedom.

love, tara