Wedding Trends You'll Love

It’s midsummer and wedding season is in full swing. Who doesn’t love a fun wedding? The elegant atmosphere, the free drinks, the cute DJ and the beautiful ceremony. But when you are walking down the aisle, it will be a day you will never forget. Here are a few wedding trends that are surfacing this season: 


You’ve seen them before. Perhaps in fairytales or medieval movies, the Bell Sleeves are beautifully exaggerated sleeves that make a feminine finish to any outfit. And they are making a come back in 2018 with several bridal designers utilizing this silhouette in their latest collections and I could not be more excited. Bell sleeves are almost like wings that accentuate your torso and add a classic touch to your look.


Black wedding dresses and white dresses with little black details are abundant this season. This proves that you don’t need to be head to toe in white or ivory to walk down the aisle. Did you see Kat Von D’s wedding pictures? This proves that more color is making it to the altar. 


Bows on belts, bows on sleeves, bows even cascading down the back of wedding dresses.   Bows are everywhere this season and I could not love it more. This feminine embellishment has been applied in several different and unique ways to make the wedding dress even sweeter.

Here are a few bridal-inspired items that I love: