#WeddingWednesday • Bridal Intimate Accessories

Every year, there are approximately 2.4 weddings performed in the United States.  This is quite astonishing considering this is an annual number.  Las Vegas is the city that hosts the most weddings each year with the largest percentage kicking off wedding season in May.  As the "wedding" season begins to approach us, some of us might be in a wedding and some of us might be going to a wedding and others it might as well be your wedding.  No matter your association with weddings, they are bound to have some impact on your life.  Giving the gift of romance, intimacy and passion is a mission that many of us are on.  To give something to the bride and groom on their special wedding day.  That is why the Bridal Collection of intimate accessories is designed to light up special together and act as keepsakes for years to come.  If you are looking for something special this bridal season, look towards intimate accessories that will carry with them throughout their marriage.  Here are 3 intimate bridal accessories to consider this year:

Wedding Intimate Accessories

FlowerGirl Giftset • Flower Nipple Covers & Bracelet

Radiate with femininity and style in this handcrafted and carefully curated giftset featuring matching flower nipple covers and bracelet!  Inspired by the beauty and femininity of flower girls, this collection is a perfect sweet treat to give the one you love.  Enjoy endless nights of romance together with these sparkly nipple covers and bracelet that you can put on whenever the mood calls for it.

Honeymoon Giftset • Nipple Clamps and Sparkly Leg Garter

Make every night your Honeymoon with this cheeky and flirtatious giftset inspired by intimate moments created on your Honeymoon.  This gift set features a sparkly leg garter and matching nipple clamps to deliver the sweetest of sensations and designed to create intimate moments that will last forever.

Wedding Night Giftset • Headband and Nipple Covers

After all the guests have left and now you two can enjoy your special and intimate night together, allow the Wedding Night giftset light up your most intimate moments with flirtation and femininity.  This giftset features a luxurious satin headband and matching sparkly nipple covers so you can enjoy them whenever your heart desires.

love, tara