Weekend Edition🎀 Lingerie Accessories

"Lingerie is not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood."
Dita VonTease


Lingerie is so much more than a feminine piece of lace.  It is a statement.  A mood.  A tool of empowerment that allows you to find your confidence, independence and femininity.  Lingerie has been around for a very long time and has seen several revolutions during its' existence.  From the corset to the bralette, from black lace to eyelash lace, from body suits to thongs.  But there is a trend that has been going on strong now that encourages you to layer your look so that you can show off your lingerie and highlight your feminine features.  That is the inspiration behind the Bodtyes Collection of delicately feminine lingerie accessories.  Using inspiration from music, fitness and popular icons today, the Bodtyes Collection features a wide array of different styles so that you can easily incorporate them into your look.  Whether you want to keep it a sensual secret to yourself or show it off for the world to see, this collection of sensual lingerie accessories is something that everyone should have in there closet.  Here are a few lingerie accessories to enjoy whenever your heart so desires:

Lingerie Accessories

Lingerie Accessories | Provoke Lacy Lingerie Harness

Have you ever experienced an accessory that completely changed the way the outfit looked? If so, than you know how powerfully transformative it can be to own such an amazing accessory.  If not, you need to explore this lacy lingerie harness that is perfect over clothes or with nothing at all.

Lingerie Accessories | Foxy Lingerie Harness

Find your inner foxy fox with this picot-trimmed lingerie harness designed to be worn with whatever your heart so desires.  This versatile lingerie harness can be worn over a white collared shirt, a sexy lingerie set or a cocktail dress.  Discover style and value in versatility with this beautifully handcrafted lingerie harness.

Lingerie Accessories | Hickey Lingerie Harness

Make your mark with this irresistibly feminine lingerie harness!  Inspired by the sensual act of leaving a hickey, this versatile lingerie harness features a handcrafted satin tye and thin elastic straps so that you can do whatever you like with this versatile lingerie harness!

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