Weekend Hair Accessories 🎀

When the weekend rolls around, there is one thing that is for sure.  The desire to do nothing.  To relax.  To recharge.  To rejuvenate your soul.  That is why having hair accessories will make your weekend a little more relaxing.  By keeping your hair kept and out of the way are beautiful ways to ensure that you look is still awesome and that you can enjoy the weekend without your hair bugging you.  The Hairtyes Collection of hair bow combs, hair headbands and hair chains allows you to explore different hair styles effortlessly.  Designed with ease of use and versatility in mind, these beautifully handcrafted hair accessories are the perfect way to make your weekend a little more peaceful.  No matter if you are staying in all weekend and lounging or adventuring around outside, having beautiful hair accessories that are as versatile as you are an important part of creating hairstyles that complement your look.   Here are a few hair accessories to consider to wear this weekend:

Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories | Princesa Hair Bow Comb

Celebrate your femininity in style with this sensually sweet hair bow comb designed to light up your hairstyle with style and elegance.  Wear this hair bow comb with your favorite updo or casual look to create a beautiful hairstyle that will last all weekend.  Perfect for a day at the park or a night out with friends, this simple and feminine hair bow comb is a beautiful way to accessorize without much effort.

Hair Accessories | French Kiss Pearl Headband

Elegance and sophistication is at your fingertips with these ultra-feminine hair chain designed to delight any hairstyle you desire.  This luxuriously feminine hair chain is designed with creamy glass pearls and long satin tyes so that you can wear it around your hair or even around your neck.  Kiss your look with femininity and elegance in this flirty pearl hair chain.

Hair Accessories | Marie Antoinette Hair Bow Comb 

Sometimes the smallest details have the biggest impact with these flirty and feminine hair accessories inspired by all things vintage.  The Marie Antoinette hair bow combs come in black, white and pink so you can wear whatever color you desire.   This salon-style hair comb is a beautiful way to effortlessly accessorize any hairstyle you desire.  The weekend has never been so sweet.