Weekend Style: Bow Bracelets for the Road

It's the weekend.  A beautiful time to take a break, even for just an hour, from all the craziness that the week entails.  It's time to give yourself the space you need to create peace, harmony and self-care into your life.  Whether it's taking a long bath or going for a walk in nature, having the weekend or just a little time to yourself to connect is always a good idea. Celebrate yourself in feminine style with the Tyelet bow bracelets collection.  This collection is designed for the discerning female who loves adventure, fun and herself.  Enjoy your femininity and accessorize with sweet style in these flirty bow bracelets.  Discover beauty in versatility by wearing these bow bracelets all weekend long.  Here are a few bow bracelets that will go with you wherever your heart desires:

 Tyelet Bow Bracelet

Invitation Bow Bracelet 

Be the fashionista that you are with this simplistically sweet bow bracelet designed to create a bold statement.  This bondage-inspired bow bracelet features soft elastic loops and a handcrafted satin tye so that it is so comfortable you will want to wear it all weekend long.  This bow bracelet is perfect to wear with jeans, that little black dress or nothing at all.  Enjoy your femininity with this sweet bow bracelet.

Pinup Bow Bracelet 

Throw a little retro style into your look with this unexpectedly delightful bow bracelet designed to celebrate your femininity.  This bow bracelet features a handcrafted satin tye and soft satin wrist band so that you can experience feminine luxury all weekend long.  Pair this bow bracelet with your favorite black dress, swimsuit or lingerie set for a feminine finish. 

Majesty Hand Chain

Enchant your look with the beautiful addition of the majesty hand chain!  This beautifully feminine hand chain features a handcrafted organza tye and lead-free chain with adjustable loops so that you can customize the fit to your hand.  Perfect with a little black dress, lingerie set or nothing at all.  Be the majesty that you are.