#WeekendMood • Black Hair Bows

When it comes to the weekend, what is your favorite style?  Do you dress up and go out at night?  Do you lounge all day?  Are jeans and a t-shirt your thing?  No matter how you like to dress for your #weekendmood, delight any hairstyle with black hair bows.  The Hairtye Collection of handcrafted satin black hair bows features a variety of different materials and looks so that you can easily incorporate them into any look your heart desires. From elegant and lacy, to satin and simple, this collection of black hair bows is the perfect way to introduce sensual femininity into your style.  No matter what your hair looks like, instantly transform it with a hint of feminine flirtation with this collection of black hair bows.  Here are 3 black hair bows that you should have in your hair accessory wardrobe for your next #weekendmood:

Black Hair Bows

Black Hair Bows • XO Hairtye

Kiss your tresses with flirtation and femininity with this handcrafted satin hair bow comb designed to transform any look instantly.  This handcrafted satin tye features a salon-style comb so that you can instantly insert it into any hairstyle your hair desires.  From a loose pony to an elegant updo, allow this hair bow comb to make any hairstyle a little sweeter.

Black Hair Bows • Doll Hairtye

Discover where elegance meets femininity in this handcrafted black hair bow with exaggerated tails that wisp away with your every move.  Transform a simple ponytail or create that updo you have always wanted with this handcrafted black hair bow.  Simply insert this black hair bow whenever you need a little sweetness.

Black Hair Bows • Marie Antoinette Hairtye

Inspired by vintage style, this classic velvet hair bow is the perfect addition to your #weekendmood.  Whether you are feeling lazy or energetic, this simple black hair bow will transform your style effortlessly.  Discover where flirtation meets style with this handcrafted velvet hair bow that will go with you wherever you go.

love, tara