#WeekendMood 🎀 Sensual Jewelry

The weekend is almost upon us.  And if you are lucky enough to get the entire weekend off, what are your plans?  If you are planning on an outdoor adventure, going out with your #girlgang, or just kicking it at home, enjoy your space to discover things about yourself that you might lose during the week.  Rediscover yourself through style with sensual jewelry.  You might be asking, sensual jewelry?  Yes, sensual jewelry.  Things like chokers that highlight your neck, nipple covers that adorn your most sensual areas, chain leg garters that accent your curves.  Enjoy your weekend by celebrating your sensual side with our handcrafted sensual jewelry designed to light up your look with sensuality and femininity.  No matter what your plans are this weekend, enjoy a little flirtation in any style by adding sensual jewelry to your look.  But how should to add such a thing?  It's easier than you think!  Like wearing leg garters under a short skirt, lingerie harnesses under dresses or chokers to light up your shoulders and neck.  Ahead are 3 pieces of sensual jewelry that you should consider adding to your jewelry box:

Sparkly Feminine Sensual Jewelry

Sensual Jewelry | Vixen Sparkly Legtyes 

Invite sweet seduction into your look with these feminine leg garters designed to celebrate your feminine style and your curves!  The Vixen Legtyes feature a radiant sparkly mesh and soft elastic backing that makes them perfect to wear under a short skirt, over leggings or perhaps nothing at all.

Sensual Jewelry | French Kiss Lingerie Harnesses

Enjoy style in seduction with this lingerie harness inspired by the intimacy of the french kiss.  This handcrafted lingerie harness features a dainty pearl strand that cascades down the middle of the chest to highlight your chest with style and elegance.  Wear this lingerie harness with your favorite little black dress or perhaps nothing at all.

Sensual Jewelry | Mademoiselle Pearl Choker 

Delight any look with elegance and femininity in this must have pearl bow choker designed to delight your look.  This retro-inspired pearl choker is perfect to wear with seriously anything you want, your favorite lingerie set, your business suit, that new outfit you got yesterday.  Accessorize with sensual jewelry in this beautifully versatile pearl choker!

love, tara