#WeekendStyle 🎀 Feminine Jewelry

It's time for the weekend.  Those enjoyable few days of freedom and relaxation.  While it's a great time to escape and wonder, it's also a great time to discover and strategize.  Sometimes during the week we get so busy that we lose sight of things that are important to us.  Like that shirt you bought and haven't worn yet, those heels that have never made it out of the closet or those earrings that you have been wanting to wear but haven't.  There are a lot of reasons that things might escape us, but the weekend, or really anytime, that allows us the space to do a little reconnection with ourselves and the lives we live.  And feminine jewelry is all about celebrating who we are.  Whether it's a special pair of bow earrings or that choker that you love or even if it's a hand me down from your grandma.  Having a beautiful collection of feminine jewelry is always a beautiful way to celebrate the little things in life that reconnect you with who you are.  So, for your #weekendstyle, here are a few pieces of feminine jewelry that you can enjoy when you want to celebrate all that you are:

Feminine Jewelry 

Mademoiselle Pearl Bow Choker

Pearls say it best.  This evocatively feminine pearl choker is a beautiful way to create a feminine statement no matter what you are wearing.  This beautifully handcrafted glass pearl choker features soft satin ribbon tyes that are super long so that you can wear them to the front, back or side.  Enjoying styling anything, seriously anything, with this must-have pearl bow choker!

Vanity Bow Earrings

Discover style and femininity together with this flirty and feminine bow earrings designed to highlight your face with style.  These petite bow earrings are the perfect accent to any look you want to wear this weekend.  The Vanity bow earrings feature handcrafted satin tyes and a leverback earwires that make them the perfect earrings to wear whenever your heart desires.

Hickey Bow Bracelet 

Kiss your look with femininity and style in this handcrafted bracelet designed to go with you wherever you go.  The Hickey Tyelet bow bracelet features a handcrafted satin tye and soft satin bracelet so that you can wear it with whatever you want to wear.  Explore feminine style like never before with this handcrafted bow bracelet!

love, tara