White Out✨ 3 White Erotic Accessories

It's a blizzard outside meaning winter is definitely here.  So to keep things interesting inside, you can turn to your imagination to turn up the heat.  Whether you are all alone by yourself or with the one you love, having a mixture of erotic accessories is never a bad idea.  They can be for play, for teasing and for utility.  No matter how you want to celebrate your time indoors is completely up to you, but having a flirty mix of erotic accessories to stir your imagination, well why not?  The intimates collection of lingerie accessories like leg garters, nipple clamps, nipple accessories, handcuffs and lingerie harnesses are designed to light up intimate moments with pleasure and seduction.  Enjoy flirtation and style all together with this mix of erotic accessories that you can blend with traditional accessorizing.  So when you get to spend more time indoors this winter, discover and celebrate your femininity and sensuality with the Intimates Collection.  Stay warm and stimulated with these white erotic accessories that you will not get bored of:

Sparkly White Handcuffs

Erotic Accessories // Vixen Sparkly Handcuffs

A little sparkle can go a long way with these erotically charged handcuffs that add some sparkly to your intimate playtime.  These luxuriously feminine handcuffs feature a brilliant rhinestone mesh with soft satin tyes that you can use around the wrists or the ankles.  Enjoy bondage like never before with these ultra-feminine sparkly handcuffs!

Erotic Accessories // Bombshell Nipple Clamps

Be the bombshell that you are with these flirty and feminine bombshell nipple clamps designed to light up your most intimate sensations.  These non-piercing nipple clamps are non-committal so you can wear them any time you please and you don't have to have piercings in order to wear them!  Yes, please!

Erotic Accessories // Daisy Bow Nipple Covers

Nothing says femininity quite like the simple touch of a daisy in all the right places. The Daisy bow nipple covers feature a beautiful chiffon daisy and organza tye that you can wear with your favorite lingerie set or nothing at all.  Celebrate your femininity with these erotically feminine accessories.

love, tara