White Out✨ Lingerie Jewelry for Winter

Have you ever experienced a snowstorm?  A really cold day?  Or perhaps visited a place where it was simply too cold to go outside?  If so, you know what those days are like.  Filled with indoor activities that you can make as fun or as boring as you want.  But one thing is for sure, light up these cold winter days with something feminine and sensual.  The Tyes By Tara Collections of lingerie chokers and jewelry is designed to make your day a whole lot brighter and much more feminine.  With chokers ranging from lacy little numbers to structured menswear-inspired chokers, you got this down with all the collections.  Inspired by femininity but made for the fashionista at heart, this collection ranges from beautiful bow rings to simple feminine earrings to luxurious y necklaces.  There is seriously something for any look you want with this collection designed to make you feel confident, independent and feminine.  Here are 2 white feminine lingerie jewelry pieces that you will want to consider on your next snow day:

LINGERIE JEWELRY | Vixen Sparkly White Leg Garters

A little sparkle goes a long with the Vixen leg garters designed to make your curves glisten with sweet seduction.  These leg garters feature a radiant rhinestone mesh and soft elastic bands making them super awesome to wear anytime you want that bit of extra.  Wear them under a short skirt, with your favorite lingerie hey hey or not a damn thing at all.  Now go on, you deserve that sparkle.

LINGERIE JEWELRY | Daisy White Sparkly Nipple Covers 

Sparkle the way you were meant to with these ultra-feminine nipple covers designed to light up your most intimate moments with class, seduction and feminine elegance.  These handcrafted sparkly white nipple covers feature a shiffon daisy detail and handcrafted organza tye that you can enjoy wearing over and over again.  There is no stopping seduction with these ultra-feminine nipple covers.

love, tara