Why You Need Black Chokers In Your Life

When it comes to your jewelry box, you might have a lot of different styles, trends and mixed materials.  That's a great thing.  But simplifying your accessorizing strategy and making it more streamlined will make your choices simpler and your style more consistent.  That's where black chokers come into your life.  These classic and iconic pieces of feminine jewelry have been around since the 1700s used by royalty, prostitutes, and everyone in between.  These simple and beautiful chokers will make your look feminine and sophisticated without much effort.  The Bowtye Collection of feminine chokers and necklaces is designed to make your accessorizing choices even sweeter and instantly more classic. No matter if you are heading out with your BFFs or struggling through a day at work, these simple little chokers will go with you wherever you go.  Here are 3 black chokers you should consider adding to your jewelry box:

Black Choker

Femme Fatale Black Choker Bowtye

Delight your look with sophisticated femininity in this sleek and simple black bow choker designed to highlight your décolleté.  This soft elastic choker fits so comfy around your neck while a handcrafted satin tye sits pretty at the front to give you a menswear-inspired that looks oh so feminine.  Go be that femme fatale that you are.

La Sophisticate Choker Bowtye

When you are looking for something sweetly sophisticated, look no further than this beautiful bow choker.  Luxurious glass pearls strategically are placed around the neck with a handcrafted satin tye.  Perfect to wear with your favorite business suit, lingerie set, or anything your heart desires.

Marie Antoinette Black Bow Choker

Inspired by the beauty of Marie Antoinette, this black bow choker is perfect to wear when you want something feminine and elegant.  This handcrafted velvet black bow choker features a kitten-ish black bow at the front to give your look a sensual statement.  Wear this black choker with your favorite sexy little nothing.

love, tara