Why You Need Sexy Black Chokers🖤

Chokers.  They were a big hit of the 90s.  But chokers actually have a longer history than what you would expect.  They date as far back as the 1700s and have become a staple in the world of fashion accessorizing.  These simple accessories have made a big impact on the world of fashion and will instantly transform your look instantly.  With a history that is taboo in nature, the black choker which symbolized prostitutes, has made it has mark on fashion unlike any other necklace in recent history. No matter where you are going in the world, chokers are a beautiful way to highlight your decollete with style and sophistication.  The Bowtyes Collection is focused on creating unique and feminine bow necklaces and bow chokers designed to highlight any look with femininity and sophistication.  Ranging from bold to subtle, these black bow chokers artistically mix the feminine with the masculine in clean designs that want to go with you wherever you go.  Delight your jewelry box with femininity and style in these sophisticated and feminine bow black chokers.  Here are a few chokers for you to consider for your next accessorizing opportunity:

Black Choker

Black Bow Choker | Femme Fatale Bowtye

Where femininity and masculinity collide.  The Femme Fatale bow choker features a soft satin tye and elastic choker that surrounds the neck with comfort and style.  Wear this simple black choker with your sexy little nothings, favorite dress or even take this choker to work.  The options are all yours with this versatile bow choker!

Lace Choker |  Chantilly Lace Bowtye

Lace your look with femininity with this must-have lace choker designed to delight your look.  This lace choker features a metallic lace and soft satin ribbon that is a perfect way to bring a little lingerie out into the world without having to bare it all.  This lacy choker makes a perfect gift or treat for the one you love!

Black Choker | Hickey Bowtye 

Kiss your neck with femininity and style in this flirty and simple bow choker that is inspired by intimate moments that leave a mark.  A mark on your neck, a mark on your heart and a mark on your soul.  This simple bow choker easily integrates into a variety of looks making it the perfect addition to your jewelry box!

Love, tara