You Tease 🎀 Feminine Intimates You Need

If you have ever been called a tease, and I am sure at one point or another in your life you have been, you know how it feels.  It can feel liberating, empowering and slightly more feminine than you normally feel.  This beautiful and evocative act of arousing another does not play merely in the sexual realm.  Being a tease can evolve into other areas of your life like style.  Feminine intimates are a beautiful way to tease and delight anyone you please.  Whether it's yourself, and time to time it should be, or the one you love, enjoy discovering your femininity with the Intimates Collection of lingerie harnesses, nipple accessories. leg garters and handcuffs.  These tools of seduction are designed to elicit the tease in you.  Whether it's a evening by yourself in your boudoir or a night out on a first date, having a beautiful collection of intimates will arouse the femininity and style in you.  Here are 3 feminine intimates that you should consider for when you want to be a tease:

Tease Feminine Intimates

Bombshell Nipple Clamps | Feminine Intimates 

Discover the bombshell in you with these ultra-feminine nipple clamps designed to tease and to please.  These handcrafted nipple clamps feature a non-piercing and flexibly gentle nipple clamp so you don't have to commit if you don't want to.  These feminine nipple clamps are a beautiful way to surprise the one you love.

Pearlure Nipple Cover Pasties

Experience luxury and sensuality with these ultra-feminine nipple covers designed to give your look an undeniably sensual look.  The Pearlure nipple covers feature a handcrafted satin and organza tye with a luxurious pearl that dangles with delight with every move that you make.

Highness Leg Garters 

Be the royalty that you are with these ultra-feminine leg garters designed to highlight your look with femininity and style.  The Highness leg garters feature handcrafted satin tyes and soft elastic that will make you want to wear them whenever you want to be a tease!

love, tara