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Article: Accessorizing Each Step

Accessorizing Each Step

Boot season.  You know.  That season when it's time to get new boots into your footwear rotation.  Whether you love ankle boots, cowboy boots or black thigh high boots, there is something that you can do to accessorize each step.  And that is wearing your heeltyes or ankletyes around them!  This unique accessorizing strategy not only helps create a transformational twist, but also helps you explore your accessorizing strategy.  Whether it's a heeltye walk in the park kind of day or a beach loving ankletye day, you can accessorize each step with beauty and femininity.  No matter if you are going out on that first date or plugging away at the office, enjoy your feet and each step you take a little more with these accessorizes you can use to sweeten each step:


Ivy Heel Accessories

Create a unique and feminine statement with these double-banded heel accessories!  Inspired by the art and magic of the twisting ivy plant, these irresistibly feminine heel straps feature a handcrafted satin tye and double elastic strap that will grace your ankles, calves or feet!  

Lady Heel Accessories

Light up each step you take with these beautifully feminine heel straps from the Lady Collection!  These heel accessories feature a handcrafted tye and intricate elastic that encircles your calves, ankles or feet.  Enjoy accessorizing these with your favorite boots this winter.  A soft elastic fit will make them so comfortable and easy to wear, you might not want to take them off.


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