Sweeten Your Surroundings

It's been a year.  A year of transformation.  Of isolation.  Of movements. Of fear.  And sadly, of lots of hate.  There is a lot going on in the world today and you need to have a place to escape, to seek refuge when the world gets hard.  Designing your boudoir, your office or even just your closet with positive accents will not only help you lift your mood, but also remind you to connect with yourself.  The Artyes Collection of feminine home decor accessories is designed to lift your mood and change your perspective to realign with yourself.  Whether it's hanging an artye next to your bed or keeping it in a dresser drawer, having beautiful accents throughout your living space can do wonders for your mental health.  Here are 3 home decor accents you should consider adding to your personal space:

Feminine Home Decor

Hello Beautiful Artye

 Delight any area of your boudoir with this beautifully handcrafted artye designed to go wherever you need a little sweetness.  This art piece features exaggerated satin tyes to give any look instant feminine appeal.  The calligraphy-style radiates an elegance that you can enjoy whenever you need to.


Light up your boudoir with beauty and elegance with this feminine candle!  This candle emits a soft radiance that you can enjoy whenever you need to create a spa-like atmosphere.  Candles have not only been proven to alter your mood but also make you more productive and calm.  Take a bath or do your hair with a candle next to you and see the profound effect that it has. 

Do Not Disturb Artye

Give yourself some sweet space with this hanging art print designed to deflect any interruptions.  This artye features elegant satin tyes that will easily go wherever you need to be alone.  Hang this on your door when you need to create some quiet peace in your domaine.  


love, tara