Birthday Cake

Birthdays.  That wonderful day of the year where it is all about the celebration of life and you.  It only comes around once a year, make the most out of it with a little love and some sensual accessorizing.  Whether you are working on your birthday or whisked away to some far of off destination, celebrate the magic of your life with a little help from the Intimates Collection.  This collection is designed to elicit the magic of your sensuality with cage bras, nipple clamps, leg garters and soft bondage handcuffs.  Discover new ways to accessorize instead and outside the bedroom.  Now isn't that sweet?  Ahead are 3 intimate accessories you should consider for your next birthday celebration:

CAKE Niptyes

You deserve a lil cake on your birthday.  Not only the fluffy kind, but also the CAKE nipple clamps designed to light up your next boudoir experience.  Whether you are putting on an impromptu striptease or simply lounging around your living room, the CAKE niplace is a beautiful way to experience sensual accessorizing without the commitment of getting a piercing.  Luxurious creamy pearls cascade across the chest for a luxurious touch.

Do Me Proper Bratye

Give yourself the respect you deserve with this contouring cage bra designed to light up your accessorizing strategy.  This handcrafted cage bra features satin tyes and a soft elastic fit so you can wear it under your favorite sheer shirt to pique some curiousity or with nothing but just your skin. Enjoy accessorizing like never before with this sensual accessory.

Bombshell Legtyes

Be the bombshell that you are with these flirty and versatile leg garters from the Bombshell Collection.  Pull them up high under a skirt or shorts to add a hint of boudoir everywhere you go.  Wear them to the front or the back for a flirty look that you can wear under leggings or with nothing at all.  Discover the magic of accessorizing with these feminine leg garters.