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Article: Bow Cocktail Rings To Wear Tonight🎀

Bow Cocktail Rings To Wear Tonight🎀

It's fun to be bold.  It's also fun to be different.  After all, if we all wore the same things and accessorized with the same accessories, the world would be very bland and boring.  That is what makes accessorizing and styling so fun.  It gives you a unique perspective about your own personality, it allows you to choose what you like and don't like, it also allows you to be whoever you want to be.  With the help of accessorizing, you can instantly transform your look without much effort nor investment.  Take, for example, the cocktail ring.  The Bow Cocktail Ring.  Cocktail rings are a little misplaced when it comes to the jewelry hierarchy.  They can be luxurious and they can also be casual.  Cocktail rings emerged onto the scene at the illegal parties during prohibition when women's roles in the household started to change and the cocktail ring symbolized "an arrival" statement.  This bold and daring accessory at its roots was intended to be a little risky and a little different.  The Ringtye Collection embodies this sort of boldness.  This sort of independence that you can wear tonight, tomorrow to work, or whenever your heart desires.  Here are a few bow cocktail rings you need tonight:

 Bow Cocktail Ring Feminine Jewelry

Bow Cocktail Ring | Highness Ringtye

The Highness Ringtye bow ring is inspired by the shape of a crown.  This cascading layering effect is the perfect way to give your fingertips a hint of elegance, sophistication and femininity.  Wear this bow cocktail ring to your next party, when you are going out with friends or whenever you want to have a touch of femininity wherever you go.  Enjoy style your way with this feminine bow cocktail ring.

Bow Cocktail Ring | XO Ringtye

Kiss your fingertips with a hint of originality and femininity in this ultra-flirtatious bow ring designed to give your look a flawlessly stylish finish.  The XO Ringtye features a handcrafted satin tye with an adjustable ringband.  Inspired by the softness, the passion and the love behind a single kiss, this bow ring is a beautiful ring that you can wear tonight or every night. 

Bow Cocktail Ring | Pinup Ringtye 

Discover the pinup in you with this ultra-feminine bow ring inspire flirtation, fun and style.  The Pinup Ringtye is a pindotted-patterned bow ring with an adjustable ringband so that you can wear it on any finger you desire.  Perfect for your next cocktail party, the Pinup bow ring is a beautiful statement that you can easily intregrate into many looks.  Enjoy feminine style without much effort in this pinup-inspired bow ring! 

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