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Article: Discover Intimate Style with Nipple Clamps

Nipple Accessories

Discover Intimate Style with Nipple Clamps

You might have a lot of time on your hands these days with the Stay and Shelter orders that are being mandated in most states in the midst of this global pandemic.  Now is the perfect time to spend with yourself, reflecting and exploring.  Whether you've been curious before or have wanted to treat the one that you love, nipple accessories like nipple covers and clamps are a beautiful way to celebrate intimacy and femininity.  The Niptyes Collection of feminine bow nipple clamps are designed to light up your world with the sweetest of sensations.  This collection is handcrafted using a variety of different materials to allow you to wear whatever your #currentmood is!  From necklace-style nipple clamps to petite bow nipple clamps, there is something for every #quarantineqt.  Using flexible horse-shoe style nipple clamps, this range of flirty and affordable nipple clamps is the perfect way to light up your boudoir life!  Here are 3 nipple clamps that you can enjoy whenever your #currentmood calls for it:

Nipple Clamps

Petite Black Bow Nipple Clamps • Secrets Niptyes

Flirt with femininity with the power of subtlety in these petite yet powerful nipple clamps designed to light up your life with flirtation.  These handcrafted nipple clamps feature organza bows and non-piercing nipple clamps that you can easily put on or take off whenever your heart desires.  No piercings are required. 

Choker Style Nipple Clamps • Kinkette Niptyes 

Light up your life with sensuality and flirtation in these handcrafted nipple clamps that feature a sensual chain drape and kittenish-like choker.   Enjoy wearing this under a see-thru shirt, under a blazer or just against your beautiful bare skin.  There is no stopping seduction or kink-filled activities when you wear these flirty nipple clamps!

Pearl Nipple Clamps • Marie Antoinette Nipple Clamps

Enjoy luxury and femininity with these vintage-inspired nipple clamps designed to light up your world with sensual elegance.  These handcrafted nipple clamps feature a velvet tye and elegant tear-drop pearl that dangles with flirtatious delight.  Enjoy flirting with femininity like never before with these elegant nipple clamps.


love, tara


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