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Article: Fashion Mixtape✨ Lingerie Accessories

Fashion Mixtape✨ Lingerie Accessories

Fall is a great time to analyze your wardrobe and see what you should keep and what you should rotate away.  New accessories are about to become a necessity, gloves, hats, mittens and out of season accessories, flip flops, beach hats, and swimsuits need to make room for the change in the season.  Luckily, there is one type of accessory that you can keep all year long, regardless of what season it is.  Can you guess what it is?  Lingerie accessories.  Yes, lingerie accessories.  Those lacy nothings that light up any look with femininity, style and seduction.   Balancing the soft look of the lingerie accessory with something edgy like faux leather, structured plaid or even just a pair of washed out denim can easily create a lusty look.  Perfect for the office, yes, even the office, you can blend these sultry pieces strategically throughout your daily look to create a unique and subtly feminine look.  Lingerie accessories also come in all sorts of variations, cage bras, lingerie harnesses, leg garters, even nipple accessories.  So take the time this fall when you are deciding what to keep and what to let go of and moving a few pieces from your underwear drawer to your closet.  Here are 3 lingerie accessories that you should consider adding this fall:

Lingerie Accessories

Lingerie Accessories | Foxy Bodtye 

Hello foxy lady.  This lingerie accessory is a must-have when you are accessorizing for fall.  This picot-trimmed lingerie accessory cascades down the torso and is accented with a handcrafted satin tye.  Perfect to wear with a white collared shirt, simple t or little black dress.  Allow this sensual lingerie accessory transform your look effortlessly.

Lingerie Accessories | Bombshell Cage Bra

Be the bombshell that you are with this ultra-feminine cage bra that will take you from day to night.  The Bombshell Cage Bra features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic straps that are the perfect way to accent your look sensually.  This sultry piece is something that might surprise you!

Lingerie Accessories | Pearlure Pearl Bow Nipple Covers

Discover where luxury and elegance collide with these flirty and feminine nipple covers!  The Pearlure pearl bow nipple covers feature a sparkly nipple cover and an organza tye with a luxurious pearl drop pearl that lets you shake shake shake the day or night away.  Wear these under a blazer or a sheer shirt for a sensual style. 

love, tara 

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