Feminine & Sensual Intimates: Meet the Femme Fatale Collection

Have you ever wished to be someone else?  Or had another side to your personality that you rarely show anyone?  Welcome to the world of Femme Fatale.  A collection designed with clean elegance and seamless versatility to allow you to be whatever you want to be.  The inspiration behind the Femme Fatale collection is to grant to permission to step into yourself a little deeper and get to understand yourself on the most intimate levels.  Sometimes the lines and blurred and boundaries are knocked over, but that is when real self-discovery begins.  Take yourself on a journey to discover all the layers of who you are.  Here is a glance at each item in this sensually feminine collection:


Transform any look time and time again with these feminine and versatile bow earrings from the Femme Fatale Collection!  Flirt with your desires with these dramatic yet simple bow earrings.  The Femme Fatale bow earrings feature handcrafted satin tyes and a lead-free earring post to give any look a hint of seductive femininity.  


Inspired by menswear but designed for you!  This feminine and powerful bow choker is a beautiful accent to your favorite work suit, cocktail dress or lingerie set!  There is no stopping you from becoming the person you are meant to be with this versatile and simple bow choker!


Spin yourself right round with this feminine bow bracelet designed to go with you wherever your heart desires.  This beautiful bracelet features handcrafted satin tyes and a soft elastic wrist band fit so you can wear it from dawn to dusk.  Flirt with your style in any way you desire. 


Discover a new side to yourself over and over again with this menswear-inspired lingerie harness!  This chic and demanding accessory allows you to transform your look entirely.  Wear this simple and powerful lingerie harness over your favorite white collared shirt, cocktail dress or lingerie set!  The world is all yours!