Hairstyles with Hair Chains

Have you ever gone to get your hair done at a salon and get an amazing hair service, yet struggle to recreate that look at home?  This is a common problem that many have experienced.  Styling your hair can be a fun accessorizing experience if you let it.  Whether you are heading to a night on the town with your favorite gals or into the boardroom for a work meeting, accessorizing your hairstyle can be a sensually sweet and effortless!  From a messy ponytail to a well-polished bun, the Tyera collection of hair bands, headbands and hair chains are beautifully versatile and ultra-feminine so that you can create a stylish look anytime and anywhere.  Here are a few hair chains you will love:


What's your vice?  Celebrate style with the simplest of accents in this flirty hair chain designed to bring femininity to any hairstyle you desire.  The Vice hair chain features a handcrafted satin tye and dainty, lead-free chain that is so versatile you might never want to take it off!  Wear this feminine hair chain with your favorite dress, business suit or lingerie set.  Perfect to wear around your head like a tiara or under a messy ponytail.  Let your vice be known in this ultra-stylish and beautifully feminine hair chain!


Delight your style with sweet luxury in this beautifully feminine hair chain from the French Kiss Collection!  This pearl hair chain is a beautiful way to accessorize any hairstyle you like.  Wear this feminine hair chain to work, out to play or just because.  Style this feminine hair chain with a sexy bun or simply wear your hair down with it tiara-style to create a feminine look that will take you from dawn to dusk.  Accessorizing with the French Kiss hair chain is a beautiful way to kiss your look with luxurious femininity. 


Where sophistication and femininity collide.  The La Sophisticate hair chain is a beautiful way to create a luxurious look without a big investment.  This dainty hair chain features a handcrafted satin tye and creamy pearl details to give your look a luxurious finish no matter what you are wearing.  Wear this hair chain with a bun, ponytail or simply with your hair down.  This hair chain is perfect to wear anytime you desire.