Hidden Underneath✨ Nipple Jewelry

When you first think of accessorizing, the first things that come to mind might be belts, hats, gloves or jewelry.  But there is another category that is a little hidden, a little taboo and a little enticing as well.  Nipple jewelry and nipple accessories are apart of an undercurrent of fashion accessories.  They are not widely thought of when it comes to accessories yet the have a sensual purpose of helping you discover your femininity.  Nipple jewelry and nipple accessories can take on a few different forms.  First, they can be seen as nipple covers to hide the nipples but show off the rest of the torso.  Nipple jewelry can be designed so that they deliver the sweetest of sensations to your nipples giving you another reason to wear them in your most intimate moments.  No matter what type of accessorizing that you enjoy doing, consider this new category and don't be shy about it.  Here are a few nipple accessories and nipple jewelry that you can enjoy for your next accessorizing experience:

Nipple Jewelry

Nipple Jewelry | CAKE Nipple Clamps 

When you want to have a sweet treat, you should enjoy the sensations that the CAKE niptyes deliver!  These dessert-inspired nipple clamps feature a luxurious pearl link chain and soft satin tyes with non-piercing nipple clamps that secure onto the nipples' diameter.  Wear them as a surprise for your loved one or a treat for yourself, no matter when you decide to wear them, enjoy this treat anytime you please!

Nipple Accessories | Daisy Nipple Covers 

Discover your femininity again and again with these ultra-feminine nipple covers designed light up your imagination.  These handcrafted nipple covers feature a soft chiffon daisy and a handcrafted organza tye that make these the perfect intimate accessory to enjoy again and again!

Nipple Jewelry | Secrets Nipple Clamps 

What's your secret?  Enjoy the sweetest of sensations with these ultra-feminine nipple clamps designed to make the most of your intimate moments!  These handcrafted organza tyes feature non-piercing nipple clamps so you can wear this nipple jewelry anytime you want!  Wear them under a sheer shirt, your favorite boudoir attire or nothing at all! 

love, tara