Leg Harnesses: the Unexpected Accessory

When it comes to accessorizing, you have a lot of different options. Maybe it's a hat, a necklace, or some leg harnesses. Yes, leg harnesses. Those often overlooked accessories that can totally transform your look, your vibe and your accessorizing strategy. These adjustable and unexpectedly fashionable accessories are a beautiful way to celebrate your curves. Perfect all year round, these feminine accessories are a beautiful option when you are looking for something unexpected. Ahead are three leg garter harnesses you should consider when you are looking for something sweet and something unexpected.

 Ivy Leg Garter Harnesses

Celebrate your curves with these ultra-feminine leg garters inspired by the beauty and the art of entanglement. These flirty leg garters feature a double banded strap with a petite satin tye that you can wear to the front, to the side or to the back of the thigh. Wear them under a short skirt for a hint of the unexpected or over leggings when you want to mix your look up. There's no stopping sensual sweetness with these feminine leg garters.

Vice Chain Leg Garter Harnesses

What's your vice? Discover it the Vice Leg Garter harnesses that are designed to inspired sensuality and intrigue. The Vice Chain leg garter harnesses feature a playful chain drape with an elastic leg band that you can adjust as you please. Wear these flirty fashion accessories to the front, back or off to the side. Perfect with that little black dress or lacy nothing to add a hint of the sensually unexpected.

Empress Leg Garter Harnesses

Discover the royalty in you with these ultra-playful and irresistibly feminine leg garters designed to delight your favorite #OOTDs with femininity and flirtation. The Empress Legtyes leg garter harnesses feature a garter clip and adjustable leg band that you an wear up on the thigh or do as you please. Enjoy accessorizing like never before with these ultra-feminine leg garter harnesses that will have you coming up with new ways to accessorize your looks.