Light It Up ✨ Starlet Collection of Sensual Accessories

Make everywhere you walk a red carpet with this ultra-feminine and slightly edgy collection of feminine jewelry and sensual intimates.  Inspired by the spotlight and the red carpet, the Starlet Collection is designed to highlight your feminine features and add a little magic to whatever you decide to wear!  Capture the essence of Hollywood with this collection that is perfect for a night on the town with friends or in your boudoir.  Here is a quick glance at each item in this feminine and sensual collection:


Light up each step you take with the beautifully edgy anklet from the Starlet Collection!  This flirty accessory is perfect to wear with high heels or with just your bare feet.  Handcrafted satin tyes radiate like a star and feature handcrafted dovetail spikes to give your look instant starlet appeal.


Flirt with your sensuality in these ultra-seductive nipple clamps designed to light up your boudoir with sweet sensations and unforgettable surprises.  Wear these feminine nipple clamps with your favorite lingerie or high waisted panties for a sweetly sensual finish.  Or give these nipple clamps as a gift to light up your foreplay.  


Make everything you a touch a little sweeter with these ultra-feminine bow rings!  Not only are they super adjustable, they are an effortless way to accessorize your look.  Wear this flirty bow ring with your favorite red carpet look or in your boudoir for a flirty look.  Wear it on any finger you desire. 


 Fire up your boudoir with an intimate accessory that is perfect for foreplay. Explore soft bondage like never before by allowing these soft elastic cuffs encircle your wrists or ankles for sweet surrender.  Soft satin tyes accent each cuff with a radiate and couture look that is inviting and effective.  A satin ribbon connects the two cuffs to complete these feminine handcuffs.