She's Got Legs 🎀 Accessorize with Feminine Leg Garters

It's almost spring.  That means it's time to start thinking about rotating your wardrobe.  Out with all the winter clothing and accessories and in with the new spring-like clothing and accessories.  Rotating your closet on a seasonal basis is a great way to manage and keep track of all the accessories that you have.  It might be that you forgot about a belt, or a hat or that sweater from last year's work party.  Keeping a consistent rotation on your wardrobe is a smart way to take inventory of all the little things that you can use in your everyday styling.  One, often overlooked, accessory is leg garters.  While chain leg garters had a serious microtrend back in 2015, it's important to keep your accessorizing as unique as you are! Here are a few feminine leg garters that you can wear on the daily without having to put much effort into styling:

 Lady Leg Garters

 Lady Legtyes

The Lady Legtyes are inspired to evoke the femininity in you!  These beautifully intricate elastic leg garters contour the hips and the thighs to create a beautiful statement that you can wear anywhere your heart desires.  These simple and feminine leg garters feature an intricate elastic and handcrafted tyes with an adjustable belt so that you have the freedom to create a customizable fit.  Wear them under a short skirt, with your favorite lingerie set or perhaps even nothing at all!

Centerfold Pearl Leg Garters 

Experience sensual luxury like never before with the Centerfold Pearl Leg Garters!  These beautiful leg garters feature strands of creamy glass pearls with a soft elastic garter so that you can have a customizable fit.  A handcrafted satin tye adorns the elastic so you can create a feminine statement under a short skirt, over pants or with your favorite lingerie set!  These luxurious leg garters are so versatile you can wear them from season to season!

 Vixen Leg Garters

Sparkle the way you were meant to with these flirty and feminine leg garters designed to light up your look with sweet femininity!  The Vixen leg garters feature a rhinestone mesh detail and soft elastic band so you can comfortably fit it to your thighs!  Evoke a little sparkle in your look with these feminine leg garters!  Perfect for a night on the town or behind closed doors.  Find the vixen in you!