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Article: Spring Break • Feminine Lace Anklets

Spring Break • Feminine Lace Anklets

It's that time of the year where we are starting to wear less, the sun is out longer and it's time to rotate your closet.  It's time for Spring Break! What are you doing for Spring Break?  Even though everyone is pretty much on lockdown, there are still ways to enjoy this beautiful time of year! Spring break is a celebration of all things feminine, flirty and fun.  And now is the perfect time to accessorize in places that you might not have been able to during the colder months.  Like the ankles.  The ankles are the perfect way to accessorize for spring break.  Transform any pair of shoes instantly with the Anklet Collection.  Feminize any look instantly with this collection designed to go with you wherever you go.  Whether you are hitting the beach, scrolling around town or simply enjoy some time in your boudoir, this collection of anklets is the perfect way to enjoy accessorizing. Here are a few anklets that will go with you wherever you want to go:

Lace Anklet

Lacy Black Anklet • Bougie Anklet

Flirt with femininity and style in this lacy black bow anklet designed to light up any look with femininity and style.  The Bougie black lace anklet features a handcrafted tye and soft lace anklet that encircles the ankle for a sweet affair.  Wear this flirty little number out dancing, with your favorite lingerie set or perhaps not a thing at all.  Accessorizing has never been so sweet.

Elegant Bow Anklet • Chantilly Anklet

Create an elegant look effortlessly with this handcrafted lace anklet designed to elevate your flirting game.  This handcrafted lacy anklet features a soft metallic lace with satin ribbon that will effortlessly go with your favorite lingerie set, little black dress or whatever your heart desires.  Give any look a hint of flirtation and wonder is this flirty and feminine anklet.


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