Center With Black Bow Belts

In a time of chaos, uncertainty and distress, the world has taken us through a variety of emotions in 2020.  With a global pandemic and the start of a new decade, now more than ever it is important to be centered with yourself, your surroundings and your actions.  Creating a feminine look is a beautiful way to become centered and start your day off on the right foot.  Bow belts are a strategic and versatile way to accessorize any look your heart desires.  From formal to boudoir, the Beltye Collection of handcrafted bow belts delight any look that you want.  Each beltye is completely adjustable so that you can wear it up high or down low, and can accommodate a variety of different sizes so you can be comfortable all day and all night.  Center yourself and enjoy sweet accessorizing like never before with black bow belts.  Here are 3 black bow belts that you should have in your wardrobe now:

Black Bow Belt

Flirty Black Bow Belt • Doll Beltye

Flirt with intimacy and seduction in this versatile black bow belt designed to create a flirtatious look with whatever your heart desires.  This handcrafted black bow belt features a luxuriously long satin tye that can be pulled at and played with anytime your heart desires.  From casual to lux, enjoy versatile accessorizing with this black bow belt.

Simple Black Bow Belt • Enchantress Beltye

Enchant any look with femininity and elegance in this black bow belt designed to go with you wherever you want to go!   This handcrafted satin tye with soft elastic waist is the perfect way to light up your look without much investment nor effort.  Enjoy transforming a simple shirt, dress or lingerie set with this black bow belt!

Lacy Black Bow Belt • Bougie Beltye

Create a look you love over and over again with this adjustable lacy black bow belt designed to create an elegant finish instantly.  This handcrafted lacy black bow belt is perfect with jeans, lingerie or with whatever your heart desires.  Light up the room with this versatile and feminine black bow belt.

 love, tara