Swipe Right 🥂 3 Feminine Bracelets to Wear Tonight

First impressions are important.  In fact, studies have shown that the first impression is so impressionable it can not be erased from the mind.  Intuition and personal observation go into the makeup of the first impression embedding further in ourselves.  We get so attached to this first impression, it may guide our complete interaction with the other person.  There are a number of factors that go into the makeup of the first impression.  Facial shape, vocal inflection and colors can all play around in this brief first moment.  So make the best impact you can with selecting feminine jewelry and accessories that will help you feel more feminine.  Deciding what to wear on that first date can be hard enough, but selecting the right feminine jewelry to wear can make your selection a little easier.  Feminine bracelets are a beautiful way to create a favorable first impression because they are easy to wear and catch the eye.  The Tyelet Collection of feminine bow bracelets allows you to select how bold or how subtle you want to go.  Designed with versatility in mind, this collection of feminine bracelets can easily transform your look and make that swipe right moment a little easier.  Here are 3 bow bracelets to consider to wear this weekend:

Feminine Bow Bracelet

Invitation Bow Bracelet | Feminine Jewelry

Delight your look with dramatically feminine stye in this handcrafted bow bracelet designed to light up your look with femininity.  The Invitation bow bracelet features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic brands that encircle the wrist for a feminine finish.  Wear this bow bracelet with your favorite pencil skirt, business suit or lacy little thing to create your best first impression.

 Bombshell Bow Bracelet | Feminine Jewelry

Discover style in simplicity with this ultra-chic bow bracelet designed to go with you wherever you go.  This feminine bow bracelet features a handcrafted satin tye and clasp closure so that you can wear it all day and all night.  Enjoy style and simplicity with this beautifully handcrafted bow bracelet.

 Femme Fatale Bow Bracelet | Feminine Jewelry

Flirt with your style in this bold yet feminine bow bracelet designed to light up your look with femininity and style.  The Femme Fatale bow bracelet features handcrafted satin tyes and a soft elastic bands that encircle the wrist for a comfortable and fashionable finish.


love, tara