The Chantilly Collection of Lacy Feminine Jewelry and Accessories

Have you ever wanted to wander into a secret garden of escape?  Where romance runs wild and you are free to enjoy anything you want?  This kind of daydream is the spark of inspiration behind the Chantilly Collection of lacy feminine jewelry and accessories.  Inspired by the beautiful escape of Chantilly, France, this collection effortlessly ushers in a kind of beautiful romance that you can employ to soften any look with femininity and style.  From handcrafted chokers to seductive lace leg garters, this collection has you covered from head to toe.  Here are a few items in the collection that will have you daydreaming about romance, escape and wander:

Lace Lingerie Accessories

Chantilly Lace Choker

Discover your feminine style again and again with this versatile and innately versatile lace choker.  Where anywhere your heart desires, this feminine lace choker is a beautiful way to create a feminine look effortlessly.  Enjoy feminine style like never before with this versatile lace choker.

Chantilly Lace Anklet

Lace each step with beauty and femininity in the lace anklet that will transform any heel look you are going for!  This handcrafted anklet features two satin tyes at the back of the anklet for a unique and feminine statement that you can make whenever you heart desires.

Chantilly Lace Headband

Styling your hair has never been easier than with this lacy headband designed to go with you wherever you want to go.  From the office to the gym, this lacy and feminine headband is perfect when you need an accessorizing strategy that doesn't require much time nor effort.  Give your hair a flawlessly feminine finish with these flirty and feminine headbands. 

Chantilly Lace Leg Garters

When you are in the #currentmood for something a little more seductive, than these leg garters are the perfect accessory.  Wear them under your favorite short skirt, over leggings or your favorite lingerie set.  Enjoy sensual accessorizing like never before.

love, tara