Let's Kick It • Weekend Edition

Even though it's Saturday, this #quarantinelife has made the days even weirder and mixing together to a point it doesn't even really matter anymore.  Whether it's Saturday afternoon or Monday morning, it's has come to the point where the days all blend together.  So make it a point to take it easy today, because it is a weekend day after all.  Heel accessories are an effortless and fun way to light up each step you take.  The Heeltye Collection of bow heel accessories and straps is designed to make each step you take a little sweeter.  Transform any pair of shoes instantly by simply slipping these heel accessories around your heels for a sweet finish that will take you wherever you want to go. Discover accessorizing like never before with this flirty and feminine finish of the Heeltye Collection. 

Heel Accessories

Doll Heeltyes • Bow Heel Straps 

Flirt with each step you take with the Doll bow heel straps designed to take you wherever you want to go. These handcrafted heel accessories feature handcrafted satin ribbon tyes and a soft elastic strap that you can wear around your heels, anklets or even around your calves to keep your socks up.  Enjoy femininity in the most unexpected places with these unique feminine accessories.

Hickey Heeltyes • Bow Heel Accessories 

Make your mark with these flirty and feminine bow heel accessories designed to make any pair of heels even sweeter.  These flirty and feminine bow heel accessories feature a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic straps that you can wear anywhere your heart desires.

Lady Heeltyes • Intricate Heel Accessories 

Create a ladylike finish with these handcrafted heel accessories inspired to bring out the glam in you!  These handcrafted intricate heel accessories feature a petite tye that you wear around your heels, calves or ankles for a ladylike finish that everyone will admire. 

love, tara