Walk This Way with Black Bow Anklets

You might consider anklets a fad. A trend. Something that comes and goes.  But if you employ an accessorizing strategy that encompasses the unexpected, the feminine, and the affordable, then you will love the Ankletye Collection of beautiful black bow anklets.  This collection is inspired by the adventurous female who loves to go places in style.  Each ankletye features a handcrafted satin tye to finish any look with femininity, flirtation, and elegance.  Whether you are heading into work, want something to transform your shoes or dancing the night away, this collection is the perfect fit for your look.  Enjoy comfort and style all day and all night long.  Here are 3 pedicure-perfect anklets that you can enjoy again and again:

Black Bow Anklet

Black Bow Anklet • Invitation Ankletye

Inspired by the beauty and magic of bondage, this black bow anklet is a beautiful way to create a stylish statement without much effort.  This black bow anklet features a handcrafted satin tye and soft elastic bands that clasp to secure.  Where this black bow anklet to work, out to play or simply lounging around your boudoir.

Black Lace Bow Anklet • Bougie Ankletye

Enjoy elegance, femininity and style with this black lace bow anklet designed to light up your look anywhere you go.  This black lace bow anklet features a handcrafted tye and lace anklet that you can wear the bow to the front, side or back.  Enjoy feminine accessorizing effortlessly with this black lace bow anklet.

Black Fringe Anklets • Fringe with Benefits Ankletyes

Make it a party everywhere you go with these flirty and feminine fringe anklets from the Fringe with Benefits Collection.  These double anklets will easily transform any pair of shoes instantly.  They are so fun to wear you might not want to take them off.  A handcrafted satin tye sweetens the center of a beautifully feminine finish✨

love, tara