What To Wear This Weekend

It's that time.  We made it once again.  It's the weekend.  A time to enjoy a little more space, time and relaxation.  No matter whether you are looking for a little more time in your boudoir or outside, there are effortless ways to accessorize any look that you love.  Whether it's a sexy nothing or just jeans, adding a simple accessory can transform your favorite looks into something sweeter.  When less is more, enjoy making the most out of simple accessories with all your weekend plans.  Here are 3 ways to transform what you are going to wear this weekend:

Bra Harnesses

Girls Night Out with Heeltyes Heel Accessories 

Dance the night away with your favorite cocktail dress, full coverage foundation and of course, heeltyes.  Heeltyes are sexy heel accessories that wrap around your heels or ankles for a flawlessly feminine finish.  These so-called detachable shoe straps not only help secure your shoes in place they also transform your favorite pair of kicks so you can enjoy more dancing and less worrying.

 Brunching with Tyeras Feminine Headbands 

Have a mimosa or two with fun and effortless accessorizing in the Tyera Collection of feminine hair accessories and headbands.  Designed to make everyday a #goodhairday, the collection of feminine headbands provide an exciting range that will go with you from brunch to beyond.

Beach Walk with Ankletyes Bow Anklets 

Make each step a lil sweeter with the Ankletye Collection of feminine anklets.  From the beach to dinner to wherever this world takes you, the Ankletye Collection of feminine anklets are a beautiful way to accessorize effortlessly.  From bold to basic, this collection will transform your looks and make them a lil sweeter.