Monday Blues? These Lingerie Accessories Won't Let You Down

The Monday Blues.  You know that day of the week that you need to start adulting again and get back to work.  While Mondays have been traditionally dreaded for years, there are several ways to combat the Monday Blues.  First, it your mindset and preparing for a new week *even* if you don't have a traditional Monday-Friday lifestyle. Creating a positive mindset and healthy habits will help your week get off to the right start.  Second, listening to music as you get ready will help uplift your mood and increase your vibes.  Whether it's country or electronica, having something that you enjoy to listen to will make your day start a lil smoother.  And thirdly, and our most favorite, is selecting lingerie accessories that will help style your week.  Whether it's a contouring cage bra or sparkly leg garters, having something sensual to slip into as you start the week will make you feel better.  Here are 3 lingerie accessories you should consider to combat your Monday Blues:

Sparkly Rhinestone Leg Garters

Bombshell Cage Bra

The Bombshell Cage Bra is a beautiful, sexy and bold cage bra that will contour your chest under a shirt, blazer or whatever your heart desires.  Invite seduction and playfulness into your Monday by allowing the tye to show throw a blazer or allow the neck straps to stir the imagination.  Discover the bombshell that you are with this classic and feminine cage bra.

Marie Antoinette Pearl Bow Nipple Pasties

Create a classic look effortlessly with these iconic bow nipple cover pasties!  Designed to invite sweet seduction into your every move, allow these feminine nipple covers to embrace your curves.  But how do I style them?  Easy!  Wear these luxurious bow pearl nipple covers under your favorite sheer shirt or blazer for a sensual surprise to share when you get off.

Vixen Rhinestone Sparkly Leg Garters

Let's face it.  Sometimes we just need a lil sparkle.  And this sparkle will go with you wherever you want to go.  The Vixen sparkly rhinestone leg garters are a beautiful way to create a surprise sensual statement.  Wear these sexy leg garters under a pencil skirt for a sweet surprise for the lucky one that you choose.