Intimate Accessories | Entice with Winter Whites

It's pretty much the dead of winter.  The days are short, the wind is crisp and it's that time you start yearning for that tan.  No matter how you coup with this season, whether you love it or you loathe it, accessorize for it.  And I mean, really accessorize for it.  Winter is the perfect season to bust out some whites.  White hair bows, white chokers, white everything.  No matter what you want to accessorize, make it perfectly on season by wearing those pretty winter whites.  Warm it up in your boudoir or light it up at the office, enjoy intimate accessories that will make your day seem a whole lot warmer.  Here are 3 intimate accessories that you can wear and use to make your winter much warmer:

Winter Whites Intimate Accessories

Intimate Accessories | Bombshell Leg Garters

Be the bombshell that you are with these ultra-feminine leg garters designed to light up your thighs with seduction and femininity.  The Bombshell leg garters feature soft elastic straps and handcrafted satin tyes that you can easily wear to the front and to the back.  Wear these sexy little things under a short skirt or perhaps not a damn thing at all.  Enjoy it, you are a bombshell after all.

Intimate Accessories | Foxy White Headband 

Enjoy femininity and sensuality with this collection of edgy intimate accessories designed to tease and delight.  The Foxy white headband is the perfect way to transform any look!  Wear this sensual accessory with your favorite updo, your favorite pony or simply just down.  You so foxy.

Intimate Accessories | XO White Hair Bow

Top of any look with femininity in this versatile and feminine hair bow designed to make any hairstyle flirty and feminine.  The XO white hair bow features a soft satin tye and salon-style hair bow comb that you can wear with a ponytail or a whole bunch of curls.  No matter how you want to accessorize this sexy little thing, enjoy it with a hint of feminine style.  

Winter isn't that bad, now is it?


love, tara